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P57 Hoodia Gordoni

P57 Hoodia comes from the six foot cactus plant native to the Kalahari desert region of southern Africa, called Hoodia Gordonii, which contains an active ingredient which proven by research it could reduce appetite by up to 2000 calories a day.

The Hoodia Gordonii cactus has been used by the San indigenous people of southern Africa for hundreds of years as an appetite suppressant and thirst quencher to stave off hunger on long hunting expeditions across the desert and is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant that has been used effectively for generations with no side effects!

The effective ingredient is known as P57, and our Soft-Gel Capsules contain the highest ratio available (20:1) on the market today. Combined with a mixture of evening primrose, semen cassia, and lotus leaf, the P57 will make you feel full and less hungry, Burn extra fat and accelerate your metabolism rate!
  • Hemp Seed

  • Hawthorn Fruit

  • Small Fennel

  • Cassia Seed

Working Principle

Hoodia Gordonii Reviews
Cantu Partain
Lose weight is a hard “work” I need to deal every year especially in summer, I started to try it 1 month ago and I am extremely happy to have myself weight 18 pounds less now!! Wonderful! I have introduced this amazing product to my friends!
byron center United States
Mona Lopez
My appetite was too strong and I completely couldn’t control it by myself, so I am very happy p57 can do me a great favor to bring me changes in the 1st week, now I down from 139 to 118 in about 1+ month, it works awesome!
Mission United States
Suleiman Tillison
I am so excited today I have received my package from you! Thank you so much for being a fast
Suleiman Tillison
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